What's the Deal?

We stand tall alongside our partners. At Silent Partner our business is defined by the strength and character of our relationships. We strive to associate with the best and the brightest. By choosing to partner with those who share our ethos we maintain the vitality of the Silent Partner ecosystem. To that end, we’ve created a Partner Program that will allow like-minded individuals and businesses to access and represent our portfolio of vendors.

Our Partner Program is founded on the principles of relationship building, a consultative approach to market, and exclusive partnership with best of breed organizations.

Relationship Building: Silent Partner designed our Partner Program to facilitate and build long-lasting relationships. Participation is limited to individuals with telecom industry experience who can identify and qualify client revenue opportunities. With three distinct offerings, the program allows partners to select the right level of participation to match their business model and objectives.

By working with Silent Partner, program participants can augment their product set and improve their positioning with new and existing clients. Partners gain access to our knowledgeable and experienced staff, our diverse vendor portfolio, competitive pricing and the necessary resources to be successful in today’s marketplace. Participation in the Silent Partner ecosystem is encouraged in order to foster relationships between partners, clients, and vendors.

Consultative Approach: The Silent Partner team works alongside our partners to clearly understand each client requirement. We recognize that every solution is different. By pairing our vendor knowledge with a strong base of experience, we employ a consultative sales approach and present several vendor options. Drawing upon our expertise, we recommend products and services that make the most sense for the client requirement while minimizing the overall cost.

Exclusive Partnership: We rigorously vet each of our vendors to ensure there is a clear differentiation between competitive products. Silent Partner will not represent a vendor until there is a full understanding of their product set, features, SLA, market positioning, and business processes. We work with our partners to position the full colocation and network product set to every client and prospect. Silent Partner is committed to the success of each of our partners.

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